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#1 2018-04-27 14:05:13

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Can't get my PS2 to configure


I've had some trouble with getting to play PS2 games on Kai. I only recently downloaded and haven't got it to work yet.
I've searched heaps of forum topics, gone over the FAQS and the Quick Start guide, and even chatted to people over Kai requesting help and it still doesn't work.
What happens is my PS2 is detected but fails to configure.
I have made my game "search for games" and I have opened ports 30000 and 3074 to my PC through the router, allowed Kai through windows XP and Norton Antivirus Software, and tried just about every different thing I can do but it still doesn't work.
I have a Netgear RP614 v2 router with only the PS2 and one PC on it through cables.
When trying to configure the router to what is said in the Troubleshooting guide (the 3 solutions for a Playstation) I don't clearly understand what I'm doing.
Step 1 - I can disable DHCP in the router settings and set just the one static IP for the computer. Am I supposed to do this in the router settings? because the troubleshooting guide says to follow a link to see how to do it in Windows XP where the link doesn't work.
Step 2: I have no option to block a MAC address, so I can't block the PS2's MAC address of my console. I do however have the ability to block ports from an IP address. So I tried blocking all ports from 1 to 65535 on the IP address of the PS2. (Don't think that's what I should be doing but I thought it might work)
Step 3: I know how to change the DHCP scope on the router so the PS2 doesn't get assigned an IP address....but wouldn't that be redundant as DHCP is switched off and the PS2 wouldn't get an IP address unless I reserved one for it.
I am an amateur in all this, so any help would be much appreciated.
Sorry for the long-winded post, but it just describes everything I have tried.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.



2018-04-27 14:05:13

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