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#1 2018-04-20 07:32:16

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Need Suggetion


We're currently in setup for game 64027; P4 has chosen A-side, but P3 still has the choice of 4 B-sides. If I understand correctly the setup rules for B-sides on p.21 of the English rulebook, when a player chooses a player board, he may pick the A-side for that nation, but that nation (A- or B-side) is unavailable for the remaining players.
(Editing to add the following: the example of player-board selection given at the bottom of the B-side section seems to make my above interpretation very clear.)
I recognize that the online game doesn't necessarily have the same limitations as the physical game, but I understand this to be a choice by the game's designers to give players earlier in the turn order a greater restriction since they have the huge benefit of going first. (As a counterexample, the rules don't say that if a player wants an A-side, he should pick one of the unchosen nations, which would be possible with any player count except 5).
So, I'm therefore wondering if there was a different decision made for the online game or if you would consider this a bug as I do. Right now in my current game, my choice is made more difficult now, knowing that even P1 will have the choice of two B-sides and an A-side.
If you agree, though, that this is a bug, would it be reasonable to wait until the bug is fixed before continuing with the current game, or will this game have to continue as is regardless of a fix?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.



2018-04-20 07:32:16



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