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His package includes step-by-step advice

Every golfer wants to improve their handicap and improve the quality of their swing technique. There is one problem however Philadelphia Phillies Mike Schmidt Jersey , there is no such thing as a perfect swing and your golf ability and handicap are connected to how much you practice and concentrate on improving the rhythm of your swing.

There is no such thing as a perfect golf swing? The laws of human nature make it impossible to have a perfect swing, so what you need to do is concentrate on repeating the swing you do have with a rhythm that allows you to get the most out of it. This is how you will improve your handicap and play well consistently.

To improve your handicap work on the two elements of good rhythm:

* Tempo
* Control

Improving tempo is critical because it is what gives all of your muscles time to work together to produce a lot of club head speed on the downswing. Your tempo should look the same throughout the swing. Fred Couples swings with a nice looking smooth tempo, while Nick Price has a fast tempo.

Both golfers have great tempo, regardless of how slow or fast their swing looks. Try to find out what tempo feels right for you, and stick with it every time. But as you work on improving your tempo remember that you need to swing in control.

Controlling your golf swing is also very crucial to improve your handicap. You need to swing the golf club at a speed at which you can control the club.

This will help you have good tempo and rhythm and it is almost impossible to hit straight shots if your swing is out of control. When you swing too fast your muscles don't have time to react the way they are supposed to and you will hit a lot of wild shots.

If you want a great example of this go to any driving range and watch high handicap golfers hit golf balls. They will try to hit the ball to hard, which causes them to swing to fast and their shots go everywhere.
Every once in a while they will get lucky and hit one straight, which keeps them swinging hard.

Find a low handicap golfer on the range and watch them swing. It will be fluid and rhythmic every time. Each swing will probably look the same whether they are hitting a pitching wedge or a driver. It will look effortless.

Low handicap golfers have the ability to swing a golf club with a rhythm so good that it disguises all of the mechanical flaws in their swing. That beautiful effortless swing every golfer craves is all created with good rhythm tempo and control.

A Drill TO Improve Your Handicap

One drill to improve your rhythm and improve your handicap is to reverse how you grip the club. By that I mean take out a 7 iron and instead of gripping hit at the grip, flip the club around and grip the shaft down by the club head. The club should feel a lot lighter. Now, swing the shaft the way you normally would the club.

If you get too fast, or out of tempo you can easily tell because the shaft will move dramatically. To swing just the shaft like this in a smooth manner takes perfect tempo, rhythm and control. Practice this over and over at the driving range or in your garage or living room and you will improve your handicap.

You can teach yourself good tempo and rhythm that is why your individual dedication and practice is so important. The information I give you can only be helpful to you if you apply it to your golf game.

Low handicap golfers did not start out there, they got their through quality practice, that is it. To improve your handicap, work on the drills and methods above. You could see a big improvement in your overall swing, handicap, and overall joy and understanding for the game.
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