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Rss Feeds Feed Your World Wide Web Homepage Affordable Nfl J

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Very comfortable. Not bad for the price. I don't have any more words to say. Should not have to write this much.
   Ruth Cajou
these shorts gave me a fit...but i was expecting it! use the size guide or use you underwear size.
   Jose Juan Martinez Mendez
John Lloyd Young is perfect for the part of Frankie Valli.  Sings just like him!  Not even kidding.  John doesn't agree, but even Frankie can't tell them apart sometimes.  From the early life of Frankie, in the movie, John just becomes Frankie Valli.  He takes on the youthfulness of Frankie with ease and beauty.  And speaking of beauty, John ain't at all hard to look at.  lol  (I would love to be about 30 yrs younger).  He ages with grace and wisdom as the movie progresses and shows great restraint in dealing with Tommy DeVitto at times.  The part of Frankie was perfectly cast in the movie and the Broadway play.  JLY  was the very first Frankie and in my opinion the best.  Altho many people have played the different rolls in the play, John is my favorite character.  The other "Frankie's" as well as the other cast members are terrific. They all do a great job.  I look for any and all news I can find on this play (movie) as I would give just about anything to go see it.  A great BIG "Thanks" to everyone involved in this project. By the way, JLY was the well deserved receiver of the Tony Award for his part in the Broadway Musical and the musical itself won a Tony!  Can't say enough good things about it.  Read John Lloyd Young's BIO on the internet, he has many other awards attached to this.
   Kimberly Cornieles



2018-07-23 03:25:28

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