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Amazing Technicolor Wildlife: Given that it takes place inside a little girl's imagination, it's not surprising that there's a rainbow of different characters. Mim Mim is purple because that's the color of her stuffed bunny to begin with. Other main characters are pink, blue, brown and orange. Cheerful Child: Kate, who has a generally positive outlook and is sure that she can solve anything in Mimiloo. Christmas Episode: A Christmas Wish, in which Kate wishes for her father to be home in time for Christmas. Disembodied Eyebrows: Tach's float well above his head, due to his large eyes themselves being placed right the top of free shipping cheap china clothes his head. authentic stitched jerseys cheap Explain, Explain. Oh, Crap!: In Boomer's Blanky, said blanky gets lost because of Tach's invention which makes things float through the air. Mim Mim eventually finds it, but neither he nor Boomer recognize it for what it is because it's been washed and it's normally stinky. . Eee! Wait! 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