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There are lots of menstrual problems

Usually C.J. Miles Pacers Jersey , a woman's menstruation cycle starts when she hits adolescence and continues until menopause. This means that most of females experiences their monthly menstruation right from the time they are 13 years to the time they are 50 years old. For lots of women, their monthly menstruation is nothing more than an irritation but other women may suffer from cramps, migraines, and nausea.

There are lots of menstrual problems. Dysmenorrhea is a menstruation problem that causes harsh pain and cramps during menstruation. There are some other problems also such as endometriosis Al Jefferson Pacers Jersey , fibroids, etc. that also causes discomfort. Amenorrhea is a more serious problem because it can cause delay in start of menstruation in young girls. Sometimes, women who have had usual periods abruptly miss their period for 2 to 3 months; this problem is called as menorrhea. There can be several causes for menorrhea including an imbalance in hormones, pregnancy Aaron Brooks Pacers Jersey , or physiological defect in the reproductive system.

There may be many symptoms of menstrual problems. Normal menstruation problem symptoms include digestive problems such as constipation and bloating, muscle pain and headaches, and tenderness in the busts. Premenstrual condition is very common symptom that covers a range of physical and emotional symptoms that a lady may experience before she has period. Stress, tension Authentic Thaddeus Young Jersey , anxiety, and unhappiness are common symptoms of menstrual problems. On the other hand, the menstrual problems symptoms usually include a change in menstrual patterns like an unusually heavy flow an unusually light flow, or absence of bleeding. Sudden pain or cramps are also the common symptoms of menstrual problems.

There may be a lot of causes of menstrual problems such as there can be too frequent periods Authentic Rodney Stuckey Jersey , no periods, periods with unpredictable menstrual bleeding or very painful periods. Any one of these conditions can cause menstrual problems. Amenorrhea can be caused by physical or emotional stress, being underweight or malnourished, being overweight Authentic Reggie Miller Jersey , thyroid disease, hormonal imbalance or debility after a long illness.

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