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The earliest versions of the Rolex GMT-Master

The older version (6542 model) present an inclination acrylic Bakelite rolex replica with dark finish. This final was to ensure that the faceplate does not reflect in the eyes of the pilot, while he was flying the plane. However, today it is almost impossible to find such a model with the original panel as it was replaced with a metal bezel just after the initial launch. This style change was made because the original frame could not withstand the hot weather. Another feature of the first version was that sported a depth rating of 165 meters, decorated in red, on his line and not the name "GMT-Master."replica watches uk Moreover, none of the first versions used the Cyclops lens that was usually placed over the date window.

The earliest versions of the GMT-Master have also been made available in two dial colors: black and white. And 'interesting to note that this dual color option actually was requested by the Pan American Airlines because they wanted black dial GMT-Master watches for air crews and the white dial for the ground staff.



2016-08-12 09:05:26



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